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"Successfully promoting charitable giving through fundraising auctions"

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Why People Hire Us

"One of the nation's top 4 ranked charity auction firms"

The most extensive auction consulting service package available nationwide.

Tom DiNardo's biography is included in Who's Who in America.

DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers raise millions of dollars each year for non profits and charities.

Setting new fundraising revenue records for our clients each year.

Tom DiNardo is recognized as one of the nation's outstanding professional fundraisers.

DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers is one of the most sought after charity auction firms in America.

Expert benefit auctioneers, charity auctioneers and fundraising auctioneers for charity auctions

Can’t find a qualified charity auctioneer, benefit auctioneer, or fundraising auctioneer? DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers is ranked as one of the nation’s “Top 4 charity auction firms”.

Our benefit auctioneers have raised over $50,000,000 dollars for charities! Charity auctioneer Tom DiNardo is your catalyst and fundraising consultant, providing your nonprofit organization with the best charity auction services package available in the nation. If you require fundraising consulting and event planning services, our staff of fundraising consultants, event planners and benefit auctioneers will not only prepare and perform your charity auction, but we will also train and motivate your staff, and design and develop your live auction and silent auction events. We also provide many other fundraising consultant services for our clients.

We provide you and your committee with peace of mind. Our benefit auctioneers and fundraising consultants’ infectious enthusiasm and professionalism will help you to overcome those unexpected challenges in planning for your successful charity auction event. With our proven results, your fundraising auction attendees will be entertained and left smiling. Best of all, you will be overjoyed with your fundraising event’s record setting financial results.

Since 1993 DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers has earned an outstanding reputation for achieving record revenue increases of at least 25% to 50% in our client’s charity auctions! Our charity auctioneers perform more than a dozen benefit auctions each year that realize increases of well over 100% in their gross fundraising auction proceeds. In our nearly seventeen year history our benefit auctioneers have performed at least sixteen benefit auctions that have grossed over 300%, quadrupling their previous year’s results. Your satisfaction is our goal, and the reason why our reputation for “Successfully promoting charitable giving through fundraising auctions”continues today.

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The Reviews Are In

“DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers did an excellent job! Tom DiNardo is a terrific benefit auctioneer. He exposed our school to new fundraising ideas and approaches to our event that truly paid off.”
Lynne Chasen – Director of Development Palm Springs, CA.
“In 2012 DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers helped our school to not only exceed our charity auction goals, but also our Fund-A-Need Program goal as well.”
Dennis Chapman – Chief Advancement Officer Sarasota, FL.
“DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers raised the most money in the history of our event. Our Fund-A-Need program increased 400% from the previous year.”
Lisa Bonini & Tom Levine – Co-Chairs San Rafael, CA.
“We tripled our Fund-A-Need proceeds and set a new auction fundraising record. Tom was well worth the investment.”
Stuart Rosenthal – Executive Director Oakland, CA.
“This year’s fundraiser broke all previous fundraising auction records. We made more money with you than we ever with any other benefit auctioneer.”
Kristina Hudson – Charity Wine Auction Chairperson Bellevue, WA.

Benefit Auction News

Charity Auctioneer Tom DiNardo Sets New Record for MRP Foundation.

On October 3rd DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers set a new charity auction record for the MRP Foundation. The MRP Foundation holds their annual fundraiser to raise funds for those people impacted by paraplegia and quadriplegia. This incredible special event fundraiser raised over $150,000 dollars during the charity auction. The event was up over 60% from… (Read More)

LOVE – A Treatise on Ending Racism.

The nation will be recovering and grieving for some time to come in attempting to comprehend why the senseless violence, terrorism, and killing of nine people took place in Charleston, South Carolina at the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME). The motive of the young gunman appears to be pure hatred born out of total ignorance…. (Read More)

Fund-A-Need and Special Appeal Programs for Charity Auctions

What is a Fund-A-Need program, Special Appeal, or Raise the Paddle Program? These programs are quite simply pledge or donation methods that are utilized most often by non profits and charities to focus on a special cause. The Fund-A-Need program is most effective when delivered in charity auctions that are designed to support the beneficiary… (Read More)

Benefit Auctioneers: An Investment in Your Charity Auction Success!

As a professional benefit auctioneer for the past 20 years, I can personally attest that the role of benefit auctioneers has changed.  We are more than just benefit auctioneers. We are also fundraising consultants, event planners, event managers, business partners, and confidants. In order for benefit auctioneers to be successful in their careers they must… (Read More)

How Benefit Auctions Raise Record Revenue

This past weekend (May 5th) benefit auctioneer Tom DiNardo presided over the 12th Annual Derby Day benefit auctions for his nonprofit client. In the past this charity had always used a “Volunteer Auctioneer”. This year the charity had taken a virtually non-existent risk and contracted DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers. The suite of services they had… (Read More)

Benefit Auctioneer Tom DiNardo Prepares for March Madness

Have you ever wondered what “March Madness” really means? The month of March is perhaps one of the busiest months during the year for nonprofits and charities in terms of their fundraising efforts. More benefit auctions are held during March than any month during the year. This trend truly appears to lack explanation except for… (Read More)