Tom DiNardo & Jay Leno kick-off “March Madness”

January 9th, 2021
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Charity Auctioneer Tom DiNardo (Right of Jay Leno) prepares with his staff of ring men.

Auctions expert Tom DiNardo and Jay Leno celebrate success during the fundraising auction season kick-off known as “March Madness“. Tom DiNardo will tell you that the month of March is perhaps one of the busiest months during the year for nonprofits and charities in terms of their benefit auction and fundraiser efforts. Both Tom and Mr. Jay Leno participate in more benefit auctions conducted by nonprofits and charities during the month of March than any other month throughout the year. Many fundraising professionals can’t explain this national trend, except for perhaps United Way fundraiser rules and blackout dates, which govern when member nonprofits are allowed to conduct their fundraising efforts.

What personal impact does the month of March have on benefit auctioneer Tom DiNardo? “This is a month of virtual insanity, sleep deprivation and excessive travel all for a good causes – the charities and nonprofits we work with” says DiNardo. Beginning in late January Tom will often work day from his average ten hour day to twelve or more hours a day as the charity season begins. He consults with his nonprofit clients and assists them in preparing for their upcoming events. February bring a few more auctions during the month, and Tom extends the work week from five to six days a week minimum. March is a month of seven day work weeks and sixteen to twenty hour work days.

This month alone auction consultant Tom DiNardo and members of DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers had traveled to multiple states and crossed the continent more than a few times. From Washington, Colorado, Florida, California and back to Washington. Just a few of the states we visited. “However, working with Jay Leno was the highlight of the entire month”, says DiNardo.

If your nonprofit or charity is seeking one of “The nation’s top 4 ranked charity auction firms”, then give DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers and auctions expert Tom DiNardo a call. We help you to create record setting benefit auctions.