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Charity Auctioneer on Charity Auctions

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A charity auctioneer creates great charity auctions.

A benefit auctioneer relies almost exclusively on creating “Guest Development” where charity auctions our concerned.  What is Guest Development? Guest Development is the culmination of the nonprofits marketing efforts in attracting the appropriate constituent supporters, bidders, or guest attendees to the nonprofit’s annual fundraisers. Successful Guest Development is the nonprofit’s ability have the appropriate socio-economic demographic in attendance at your annual charity’s fundraising event. It’s not just about selling tickets to your fundraising charity auction, but is the charity auctioneer and nonprofit’s appropriate marketing efforts that ensure that the majority of guests in attendance at your event will also spend their money in not only the live auction, but also your nonprofit’s Fund-A-Need (Special Appeals) programs, silent auctions, raffles, and other games of chance.

DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers will provide a benefit auctioneer for your Guest Development seminar and also supply your charity with the requisite resources to help you to properly create your fundraiser’s event theme and also provide your development staff with terrific fundraising ideas, event marketing, event promotions, and sponsorship programs. All of these services and more are provided in this seminar.

We help your nonprofit organization to not only achieve, but also exceed its target financial goals in assisting you and your staff to create the most impressive and profitable benefit auctions recognized in your community. This seminar is for those organizations wishing to propel their locally acknowledged fundraisng event into what may eventually become a regionally, or even nationally recognized, fundraising series of charity auctions. We have assisted our clinets to make this dream a reality!

Why pay public relations, marketing, or advertising firms to do what we can teach you through this Charity Auctions & Guest Development consulting package, and at a fraction of the cost? From the kick-off meeting through your charity auctions event’s debriefing meeting, we will be there for you every step of the way. Once again, your satisfaction is our mission and goal. Our charity auctioneers are here to help you.