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Benefit Auctioneer & Charity Auctioneer Testimonials for Tom DiNardo

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Tom DiNardo

Benefit auction providers contract our benefit auctioneer, charity auctioneer and fundraising auctioneer team. Company founder Tom DiNardo is a man who achieves miracles in money. Read client quotes and professional accolades about our benefit auctioneers, charity auctioneers and fundraising auctioneers as received from our nonprofit clients. Benefit auctioneers experts require professional training,  they must be accomplished, and also have proven track record of success. It is for these reasons that our nonprofit fundraising clients seek the professional fundraising auctioneers, benefit auctioneers and charity auctioneers services offered by DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers. Tom DiNardo is nationally recognized as one of the nations most accomplished benefit auctioneers. The New York Times has approached Tom many times over the years for quotes and expert information  for his professional knowledge about benefit auctioneers and professional fundraising. The New York Times has also interviewed charity wine auctioneer Tom DiNardo about wine auctions.

“DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers did an excellent job! Tom DiNardo is a terrific benefit auctioneer. He exposed our school to new fundraising ideas and approaches to our event that truly paid off with a huge benefit auction success.”

Lynne Chasen – Director of Development Palm Springs, CA.

“DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers master charity auctioneer Tom DiNardo helped our school to not only exceed our charity auction goals, but also our Fund-A-Need Program goal as well.”

Dennis Chapman – Chief Advancement Officer Sarasota, FL.

“We hired fundraising consultant and fundraising auctioneer Tom DiNardo literally two months out from our March event. As a volunteer chair I was totally caught off guard by the unexpected circumstances (Murphy’s Law) that affected the planning of our event. Almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  THE GREAT NEWS: Tom DiNardo was there for me every step of the way, day or night, to assist me and help me to overcome what appeared to me to be insurmountable obstacles. Despite the logistics challenges the day of our fundraising event, the fundraising auction was the best one yet. We couldn’t have done it without you Tom.”

Anita Ward – Auction Chair Denver, CO.

“For the past fifteen years our symphony guild has put on a successful benefit auction every other year. The current recession had greatly affected Amarillo’s economy and we had great concerns about our benefit auction. We first used DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers, and with the help of benefit auctioneer Tom DiNardo we had surpassed our previous all-time record by increasing our revenue by an additional 65%. We brought Tom DiNardo back again to Amarillo and he beat his previous record by another 69% increase. How do nonprofits and charities beat the current recession? “They hire DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers for their benefit auction”.

Sue White – Executive Director Amarillo, TX.

“In spite of the rain, or perhaps because of it, it was a memorable evening and one which will be talked and laughed about for many years. Great thanks to fundraising auctioneer Tom DiNardo for diving into the rain, literally, in leading our volunteers through the downpour. Your efforts saved our event! My thanks and deep appreciation to you for everything you did to make event a huge success. I hope we have the opportunity to work together on a fundraiser in the future.”

Tina Blakeney – Executive Director Napa, CA.

“I hired Tom in and he immediately became our ‘partner’. Tom is knowledgeable in all aspects of the live auction and made himself a vital resource in the planning stages. He had very good ideas for an array of issues including room design and layout, combining silent auction items to create a live auction item, in developing the evening’s catalogues and in sequencing the items. I certainly felt he was providing us with an exceptional and very personalized service throughout the process. Tom is an amazing charity auctioneer! He was incredibly successful in reaching our budgeted goals and beyond despite these difficult economic times.”

Debra Horwitz – Auction Chair Denver, CO.

“Tom DiNardo set an all-time record for our charity wine auction. Tom provided us with the most productive fundraising consulting, proven methods, and clearly the best results to date. We worked with Tom again for our next fundraising event. Our event is more than back on track! I look forward to working with you next year Tom.”

Mickey Werner – Auction Chair Vail, CO.

“Our organization retained DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers and charity auctioneer Tom DiNardo to assist us in overhauling our existing fundraising event and taking our fourth annual event to the next level. When I first spoke with Tom he had no idea that our event was ten days long. He helped us to create a profound event which included multiple revenue generating activities each day, a multi-tiered sponsorship program, many charity auctions, and numerous successful raffle programs. We had very few volunteers at each event, but that did not deter Tom from being the first to jump in and often the last to leave in helping us do what needed to be done each day. Thank you Tom DiNardo for making our event a huge success.”

Sally Trigg – Exec. Dir. Taos, NM.

“Our 10th annual Hollywood fundraising event was the most profitable yet. I hired Mr. DiNardo at the very last minute (two weeks out), and he helped us to successfully navigate through a very difficult and challenging situation. Our organization could not have obtained the result we did without benefit auctioneer Tom DiNardo’s assistance.”

Randi Thompson – Exec. Dir. Hollywood, CA.

“Our fundraising event was the most successful our guild has held to date. Tom DiNardo assisted us in achieving a 150% increase in our fundraiser’s gross revenue over our previous all-time high set two years ago. Tom made it a point of getting to know the patrons attending the events. He kept the charity auction moving, infusing his high energy, and he never pressured the bidders. Our organization is greatly pleased with the services of DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers. Tom is the best fundraising auctioneer we ever had.”

Pam Stevens – Auction Chair. Amarillo, TX.

“During this year’s fund-raising event benefit auctioneer Tom DiNardo helped us to achieve a huge increase in our fundraiser. Tom sold every ticket in our six raffle programs. He continuously promoted our silent auction, and assisted us in selling 36 sponsorships during the event in establishing a new chapter record. It is with great pleasure that I provide my endorsement of DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers.”

Collin Sands – Auction Chair. Mount Vernon, WA.

“Our charity auctioneer Tom DiNardo has continuously set records in our fundraising auctions over the last two years, despite lower attendance and fewer corporate sponsors being involved. Tom sold a Mario Andretti Race School package (Fair Market Value $2,300 dollars) for $11,000 dollars and a Chrysler 300 DUB Limited Edition for $50,000 dollars during the live auction. DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers helped us to raiser over $80,000 dollars in our Fund-A-Need program alone.”

John Salamone – Natl. Exec. Dir. Washington DC.

“Tom DiNardo has courted our organization for four years, and we finally caved in. To our tremendous surprise, he increased our charity auction proceeds 282% over the previous year’s total. We want you back next year, as you are worth every penny. Truly the greatest fundraising auctioneer our organization ever hired.”

Jon Mason – Executive Dir. St. Michaels, MD.

“DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers raised the most money in the history of our event. Our Fund-A-Need program increased 400% from the previous year.”

Lisa Bonini & Tom Levine – Co-Chairs San Rafael, CA.

“We tripled our Fund-A-Need proceeds and set a new auction fundraising record. Benefit auctioneer Tom DiNardo was well worth the investment.”

Stuart Rosenthal – Executive Director Oakland, CA.

“We raised $32,000 in our 36th year. Tom raised $91,000 dollars (a 284% increase) in our 37th year.”

Colleen Doherty – Event Chairperson Chicago, IL.

“As our fundraising auctioneer, you made us more money than we thought possible. We are looking forward to seeing you next year.”

Ed Harrell – Festival Director & Benefit Auction Chairman Pittsburgh, PA.

“This year’s fundraiser broke all previous fundraising auction records. We made more money with you than we ever with any other charity auctioneer.”

Kristina Hudson – Charity Wine Auction Chairperson Bellevue, WA.

“On behalf of the 17th annual Culinary Evening with the California Winemasters thank you for your generous support. We are confident that your contribution helped us set a new record ($1,358,000 dollars) – for raising critical dollars to fund the CF foundation’s important research programs. We are especially grateful for your contribution of: guest charity auctioneer for this year’s event.”

Barbara & Allen Balik – Director of Major Gifts & Event Chairpersons Hollywood, CA.

“Tom DiNardo’s energy and enthusiasm had the audience on the edge of their seats during the Memphis art charity auction. We were thrilled when he kept the momentum building into a whopping $30,000 bid for the lot we donated, a two-day winemaking experience here at the winery that included 20 cases of a custom Cabernet Sauvignon blend. The lot fetched the highest bid of the night, and the total benefit auction proceeds were unparalleled in the history of that popular event. We were all proud about how much money we were able to raise for the beneficiaries.”

Ed Sbragia – Winemaster for Beringer Vineyards in St. Helena, CA.

“I would like to thank you for your masterful auctioneering of our fundraising event. We exceeded our fundraising goal largely due to the success of our fundraising auction. Your performance was lively and entertaining, and really helped to open those wallets! Also, most especially, your advice to implement and increase the bid increments for the Fund-A-Need proved to be prescient and greatly boosted its success. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Wendi Moore – Parent Club President Napa, CA.

“Tom DiNardo has been our benefit auctioneer for our annual gala and benefit auction for the past two years. Each year has seen a substantial increase in the event’s net revenue. Aside from the numbers that speak for themselves, Tom made himself available from early in our event planning process to recommend new strategies, reviewing our auction catalog and assisting us to prioritize the framework for our event. We are grateful for his input and have implemented his suggestions.”

Elizabeth Brice – Director of Development Livermore, CA.

“Our charity wine auction event needed new energy and direction. Having heard great things about DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers, we contracted with them for our twelfth annual charity auction. Mr. DiNardo was our record setting charity wine auctioneer. Through his efforts, our event made a 286% increase in our net profit, raising the benchmark by an additional $153,000 dollars in net revenue.”

Betty Jackson – Director of Development – Greenville, SC.

“I wanted to personally write to you to thank you for the outstanding effort. If we have the power of decision for next year, you can be assured that you will be our fundraising auctioneer. Thanks again Tom for the valuable expertise and advice that you gave our committee for both of our benefit auctions.”

Bill Fry – Chairperson for the Festival of Food & Wine in Shawnee, KS.

“I just can’t believe the great things I saw you do during the charity wine auction in Telluride, CO. Miracles in money were being demonstrated by this terrific charity auctioneer.”

Ken Koda – National Sales Manager for Rudd Winery Napa, CA.

“In selling my art at the fundraising auction, I witnessed you set new financial records. Would you consider becoming my agent Tom?”

Bernie Fuchs – Famous American Illustrator

“This year’s series of events was our most successful ever. Net proceeds topped $335,000. This wonderful increase would not be possible without your professional leadership as our fundraising consultant and charity auctioneer. We appreciate your specialized knowledge of wine and your talents as a wine auctioneer.”

Sally Heinz – Dir. of Development in Memphis, TN.

“The ideas you presented, as well as your skills as a fundraising auctioneer brought us $27,000 more in net revenue than in years past. Your knowledge about fundraising auctions and event planning has given us some interesting ideas to follow up on for future events.”

Heather Lloyd – Foundation President Wickenburg, AZ.

“Tom you are an awesome charity auctioneer! I chose DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers because Tom has extensive experience conducting charity wine auctions and he knows many people in the wine industry. We were hoping to make at least $35,000 in our first wine auction and Tom helped us to achieve a record setting total of over $140,000 in our first year.”

Julie Wilder – Auction Coordinator Park City, UT.

“Young man you did it again! You initially made us a 97% increase in our charity wine auction in 2004. Although we had our initial doubts at that time, you surely impressed us with your charity auctioneer skills and abilities. What really impressed us all was the dramatic 102% increase that you made for us this year which was well over the previous record you had set for us the year before. We want you back next year!”

Harmon Brown – Foundation Chairman Telluride, CO.