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Wine Expert and Sommelier Tom DiNardo provides expert spirits & wine valuations.

Our company’s spirits & wine appraiser Tom DiNardo, and our staff wine appraisers and wine appraisal specialists provide certified spirits & wine appraisals. We also provide personal property appraisal for business, personal, tax, insurance, or legal purposes. DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers provides professional wine appraisers.  All of our appraisers have passed their [Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)] exams and are listed with the Appraisal Foundation in Washington DC. All appraisals are written in compliance with USPAP guidelines as established by the U.S. Congress. Our wine appraisers are members of the International Sommelier Guild (ISG) and the Society of Wine Educators (SWE).

Download Tom DiNardo’s Qualifications of Wine Appraiser (PDF).

Read more about our partner company Tom DiNardo is your wine appraisal specialist! He is a master wine appraiser, sommelier, wine expert, wine educator, and wine auctioneer. He is better known by his online wine personality The Wine Zealot. I buy and broker wine collections. Call (888) 503-0828. Our company does NOT provide free appraisals.

Attention Charity Auction Clients

Do you require a spirits & wine appraiser to perform a wine appraisal? Changes were made to the IRS Tax Code in 2007. According to the IRS, if the value of your non-cash donated item (i.e. residential contents or spirits & wine collection) exceeds $500 dollars and is less than $5000 dollars, then you will be required to file an additional IRS form along with your completed 1040 tax return.The IRS still requires you to hire a qualified wine appraiser (i..e personal property appraiser) to perform your wine appraisal.

If the value of your non-cash donated item (i.e. spirits & wine collection) exceeds $5000 dollars, but is less than  $25,000 dollars in value then additionally you will be required to obtain a wine  appraisal report from a qualified wine appraiser. You will also be required to file an accompanying IRS tax form along submitted with your IRS 1040 tax form. If the value of your non-cash donated item exceeds $50,000 dollars in value, then the qualified appraisal report as well as additional IRS tax forms will be required to accompany your federal Form 1040 tax return if you intend to claim the full value of your charitable donation tax deduction. Please contact your tax professional or the Internal Revenue Service should you require additional information.

The professionally rendered wine appraisals valuation report allows the donor to claim a charitable contribution tax deduction for the full value of their donated item without suffering a loss. Non-profit organizations should consider making it easier on their valued donors by providing this invaluable wine appraisals service to their clients. DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers is at your service. We have one of the most qualified wine appraisers in the country.

“What liability would I suffer in hiring a non-certified appraiser to perform my appraisal”? On August 17, 2006 U.S. Congress passed the Pension Protection Act or PPA (P.L. #109-280 Stat. 708 [2006]) which further amended Section 1219 of the PPA in setting up new definitions and requirements outlining what is a “Qualified Appraisal” and who is a “Qualified Appraiser” as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the U.S. Department of Treasury. This law was further clarified in the subsequent IRS Notice 2006-96.

If you hire anyone, other than a “Qualified Appraiser”, to perform an appraisal service for you and your non-qualified appraisal is challenged in court, then the chances are fairly great that your appraisal would be thrown out by the presiding judge. Further, the non-qualified appraiser’s testimony would be dismissed, and the other side would more than likely prevail. In essence, you would have wasted your valuable time and money. Unfortunately, this happens in court all of the time! Do it right the first time and invest your money wisely in the services of a professionally qualified appraiser.

A Helpful Tip in Choosing a Certified Wine Appraiser (Personal Property Appraiser)

It is a violation of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP ) federal law for accredited appraisers to charge you a percentage of the value of the item(s) being appraised! This is the best way for you to spot an individual who is not a qualified wine appraiser, or who is fraudulently claiming to be a certified appraiser. All USPAP accredited appraisers are registered with the Appraisal Foundation in Washington D.C., and these appraisers work on either an hourly rate or on a flat fee basis only.

DiNardo & Lord Auctioneer’s Appraisers provide these additional services. (1) Professionally rendered appraisal reports. (2) Cause & Origin Investigations & Reports (3) Evaluation of Scope of Damage (4) Counterfeit Wine Detection (5) Wine Fraud Identification (6) Complete Inventory Services (7) Auction & Liquidation Services (8) Expert Witness Services (9) Appraisal Reviews: The written review and appraisal of other appraiser’s flawed appraisal reports. Our appraisal reviews will examine the appraiser’s qualifications and confirm or deny the appraisers following accepted appraisal theory, practices, and established Federal Guidelines (USPAP). Missing information gaps are filled in.

We travel worldwide in providing personal property appraisal services, wine appraisal, wine education, wine consulting and expert witness services. Locally, we provide general personal property appraisal services on a case by case basis. Contact us for a quote today.