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Hire Voice Talent Actor Tom DiNardo

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Tom DiNardo is an experienced actor.

Voice over (a.k.a. voiceover) and voice actors use their unique voices in literally countless areas of business and advertising applications. The film, television, radio, video game, Internet, and music industry employ these talented voice over actors and celebrity personalities regularly. These actors are used extensively on the Internet, video gaming industries, in radio and television commercials, radio and television announcing, film and movie industry, master of ceremonies gigs, and marketing promotions.

Perhaps you have seen actor Tom DiNardo on television before, and or you heard the voice talent of Tom DiNardo before? Tom is the current spokesperson for the Washington Department of Energy & Transportation’s current “Call 811 before You Dig” advertising campaign.  He has also narrated wine industry promotional videos. Learn more about Actor Talent Tom DiNardo and watch his YouTube channel.

How can our talented voices help you and your organization with your everyday business needs? Tom DiNardo provides the following professional acting services: telephone messaging & call waiting, corporate training videos & CD’s, audio marketing & brochures, radio & television commercials, live and filmed presentations, narrations, announcing, web sites, video games, online learning programs, master of ceremonies gigs, live auctioneer, and interactive CD Rom games. Mr. DiNardo also provides professional script writing services and coaching.

Hire actor Tom DiNardo to achieve the dynamic results you need! Let his voice become the voice that propels your organization’s film, television, radio, Internet, and or fundraiser events to their next level. From our state of the art studios, we deliver professional voice acting services to you anywhere in the world. Now your charity auctions, benefit auctions, fundraising auctions, or charity wine auctions will truly prosper from our professional acting talent. Let us become the voiceover talent behind your successful fundraising event. Your event and organization is waiting to be heard.