Benefit Auction Training

Benefit Auctions Training for Nonprofit Staff

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Your benefit auctioneer provides all benefit auctions preparation and training.

Fundraising expert Tom DiNardo is the founder of DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers, and he creates nationally recognized Benefit Auctions Staff Training Clinics for your nonprofit. Our charity auctioneer and benefit auctioneer staff provides some of the best fundraising consulting solutions available to nonprofits and the non-profit sector.

Our fundraising expert provides your development staff and also your dedicated volunteers with the individual job descriptions and in-depth training for each position required to successfully staff your amazing benefit auction. This charity auctioneer staffed clinic will outline and address volunteer staff needs in confidently alleviating your nonprofit development employees concerns regarding satisfactorily staffing your special event fundraiser. Your volunteers will be prepared to undertake the responsibilities and duties of their assigned positions at the benefit auction.

Our benefit auctioneer staff offers half-day and full-day benefit auction staff training clinics that will provide training for all of the benefit auction support positions such as ring men (bid spotters), auction clerk, cashiers (bidder registration, data entry, & check out personnel), runners, models (hosts), silent auction table monitors, auction property manager, security, and other miscellaneous fundraising auction staff positions.

We also offer specialized personnel training for wine events and charity wine auctions. We offer wine expert and sommelier staffing services, wine handling, and other essential training for charity wine event support positions. Our trained sommeliers offer wine educator and wine education staff trainings, as well as event services for all of your fundraising event needs.

The return on your investment for the training clinic will be noticed in the thousands of dollars that your organization will save each year, rather than contracting these services through charity auction companies. However, if you decide you would rather have the convenience of these services being provided to your organization by experienced fundraising consultants, event planners and or benefit auctioneers, instead of your volunteer or paid staff, then DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers will gladly provide these benefit auction support services for your event. Visit our Your Benefit Auction page for additional resources and useful information.