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Charity auctioneer expert and benefit auctions consultant Tom DiNardo founded DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers in 1993. Since its founding, DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers has achieved an outstanding reputation for fundraising auctions consultant innovation, record setting charity auctions revenues (5 world records to his credit), and client satisfaction. DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers is currently ranked as one of the “Top 4 charity auction firms” in the nation.

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Tom DiNardo leads his team of Charity Auctioneers for DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers.

Tom DiNardo has appeared as one of the featured celebrity and charity auctioneers on TLC’s “Wrecks to Riches” (S2 E5) television program. Mr. DiNardo and his team of benefit auctions consultants have worked with luminaries such as the Tonight Show’s Jay Leno, baseball legend Yogi Berra, Tyler Florence, and Joe Piscopo. Tom is a master appraiser registered with The Appraisal Foundation. He is credited as being the first charity auctioneer and fundraising auctions consultant to join the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), and he is also a member of the International Sommelier Guild. Tom DiNardo’s benefit auctioneer biography has been included in Who’s Who in America – the nations’ best biographical resource on America’s most notable men and women.

Tom DiNardo has been referred to as “one of the nation’s preeminent charity auctioneers.” Prior to entering into his chosen craft of auctioneering and benefit auctions consulting, Tom had worked in the wine industry in both California and Washington. A true entrepreneur and veteran fundraising auctioneer, Mr. DiNardo now had a unique opportunity to marry both his passion for fundraising auctions and wine together in pioneering what is today one of the most exciting and newly emerging trends – charity wine auctions. Tom DiNardo is a certified sommelier with masters degree in spirits and wine education, and he is currently the only benefit auctions consultant in the nation holding that credential. Tom is a featured wine judge for many international wine competitions. With a reverence for the grape, sommelier and charity auctions consultant Tom continues his passionate pursuit today as a wine consultant and wine educator who teaches others about oenology and wine collecting through his online, wine education, personality – The Wine Zealot. In his spare time charity auctioneer Tom DiNardo performs as an actor and voice talent in television commercials and independent movies. DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers welcomes the opportunity to serve your organization.

Our Commitment to Superior Charity Auctioneer Services

Advice: Some unscrupulous charity auctioneers and benefit auctioneers may feel the need to inflate their experience or qualifications in misrepresenting their abilities. We recommend checking references and verifying these claims on the Internet. It requires years of experience for a fundraising auctioneer to become adept and proficient in their craft.

We inform our fundraising clients that there are three types of charity auctioneers:

  1. The VOLUNTEER or HOBBYIST CHARITY AUCTIONEER is most often unskilled, and a self taught community member or even an eager elected official, radio or television personality. Although this individual might be a terrific announcer or master of ceremonies for your fundraiser, they don’t often make adequate charity auctioneers! “Free” is not necessarily better! To make money, you must spend money.
  2. TRADITIONAL AUCTIONEERS are professionally trained in the craft, but more often than not they have little, if any, experience in benefit auctions, charity auctions or fundraising auctions. Unfortunately, this can and does impact the final outcome of your fundraiser and event. What may appear to be a significant difference in the fees charged by a traditional auctioneer versus those fees charged by a benefit auctioneer are easily accounted for in many more hours a benefit auctioneer will typically spend working with you and your nonprofit. A lesser experienced auctioneer can cost your charity ten to twenty times the difference in fees charged between the two auctioneers. Some auctioneers make you money and other auctioneers cost you money.
  3. The professional CHARITY AUCTIONEER, BENEFIT AUCTIONEER, or FUNDRAISING AUCTIONEER typically comes from an accredited auction school, or s/he has apprenticed with a recognized fundraising auctioneer or fundraising auction firm. They possess the requisite professional experience with years in the charity auctions profession to insure your fund-raising event’s profitability. Now knowing these facts, which type of auctioneer would you choose for your fundraiser?

Our Guarantee and Promise:

DiNardo & Lord Auctioneer’s fundraising consultant staff is comprised of highly skilled charity auctioneers and event planners who come from the country’s best auction schools. Every one of our benefit auctioneers has apprenticed with a professional fundraising auction firm, perfecting their skills, and mastering their craft before they joined our firm.

Our commitment to you is held sacred in our promise that you will receive consistent professional fundraising consultant, event planning, and benefit auctioneer services for every one of your fundraisers and gala events. When it comes to your needs and that of your successful fundraiser, DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers provides our clients with the best live auction and fundraising consultant services available in the nation.

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