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Professional Ring Man or Ring men are also known as a Bid Spotters to those outside of the charity auction industry. The Ring Man is typically a seasoned benefit auctioneer as well. The Ring Man or bid spotters work on the floor as an extension of the presiding charity auctioneer. They act as the fundraising auctioneer assistants. In essence, these charity auctioneer assistants act as extensions of his hands and arms in catching the audience’s bids that the charity auctioneer may have missed during the live auction. The Ring Man is also responsible for fulfilling the duties of infusing additional energy into the event, and further assisting the benefit auctioneer to motivate the crowd to bid, personally engaging the bidders, as well as creating bidding wars between competing bidders. The presence of the ring man or bid spotters during a fundraising auction is an essential part of the nonprofits successful efforts to raise revenue.

A good Ring Man will increase the charity auctions gross revenue by as little as 10% to as much as 40% increase in revenue earned just in the live auction alone. It is truly an amazing experience to watch a good ring man, or bid spotters and a charity auctioneer team up together in dramatically increasing the revenue achieved during a charity auction and fundraising gala. Any veteran fundraising auctioneer will always admit that they would prefer to work in the  ring (i.e. Ring Man), rather than call bids from the auction block.

Ring men are an especially vital asset at charity wine auctions. Sometimes the charity wine auctioneer may pair up with a wine expert or sommelier who provides more of the intrinsically valuable knowledge pertaining to the wine & spirits auction lots.

DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers offers this unique this invaluable service that our nonprofit clients. The Ring Man service fee is more than justified given the huge returns they can bring to the our nonprofit clients through their tremendous work efforts and energy. We strongly encourage you to consider this service in positively advancing your non nonprofits fundraising efforts. Our Bid Spotter and Ring Man services will help your fundraiser to realize maximum revenue in your charity auction.

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Ring Man, Ring Men, Bid Spotters, Bid Spotter, Charity Auctioneer, Benefit Auctioneer, Fundraising Auctioneer, Tom DiNardo
Bid Spotters are formally known as “Ring Men” and are usually professional auctioneers.
Ring Man, Ring Men, Bid Spotters, Bid Spotter, Charity Auctioneer, Benefit Auctioneer, Fundraising Auctioneer, Tom DiNardo
DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers provides Ring Man services