Event Planning Services

Event Planner & Charity Auctioneer

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Our event planner staff provide value added services.

DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers provides professional auctioneer event planning services to assist any nonprofit and charity organization. Our clients who desire to further develop their successful fundraising efforts readily contract these benefit auction services offered by our charity auction firm. At the conclusion of the fundraising event it’s not just about the benefit auctioneer delivering a great guest experience, but for the nonprofit it is absolutely about seeing a noticeable increase in the revenue realized. Our event planner and charity auctioneer specialists alleviate our fundraising client’s ever present concerns about increasing revenue by delivering marked results that surpass the previous year’s special event fundraiser results through the event planning services we offer.

Your special event fundraiser will not design and run itself! Our event planning specialists make designing your successful charity auctions a reality, and usually at a fraction of the cost of what public sector event planners would charge for their services. Our expert charity auctioneer and event planning staff never charge a commission (i.e. percentage), but only charge a flat fee for all services provided. Our event planners and benefit auctioneer staff will assist your event management staff to further enhance your existing charity auction event in catapulting it to its next level of evolution. We provide you with advanced fundraising help which includes not only setting realistic goals, but also developing a plan to obtain your nonprofits envisioned fundraising goals.

Our staff will assist your development employees or volunteer staff to create charity auction timelines, forming your fundraising auction committees, developing budgets, designing your special event fundraiser’s theme, assisting with venue logistics, reviewing save the date notices, assisting your staff to create guest invitations, editing charity auction catalogs, as well as assisting with many other aspects involved in the design of your successful charity auction.