Charity Auction Catalogs

We Design Auction Catalogs & Fundraising Event Programs

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DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers designs your charity auction catalogs.

DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers Charity Auction Catalogs and Fundraising Program service saves the nonprofit time and money. Our assigned charity auctioneer or benefit auctioneer saves our clients between 50 to 100 hours of labor required in the design and writing of the nonprofits auction program. Our professional fundraising auctioneer masterfully writes your auction catalogs succinct live auction item descriptions as well as silent auction item descriptions. Our benefit auctioneer and charity auctioneer staff member will also remind you to include other pertinent fundraising event information such as a list of donors and sponsors, as well as the rules of the live and silent auctions. The assigned fundraising auctioneer personally and professionally designs your charity auction catalog or printed fundraising program which will also include any Fund-A-Need, Special Appeal, Fund-A-Cause, and or Fund-A-Cure programs within their pages.

Tom DiNardo is a nationally recognized charity auctioneer and freelance writer possessing direct experience in the creative writing, design, editing and formatting of nonprofit charity auction catalogs. His designs have been used in some of the nation’s most high-profile fundraising auctions. Your special event fundraiser’s printed program will make an indelible impression upon all of your fundraising event guests. Your auction catalog is also the physical manifestation of not only your nonprofit organization, but also your fundraising event’s identity.

If your organization is considering holding a charity wine auction, then rest assured you are in good hands. Tom DiNardo is not only one of the nation’s preeminent charity wine auctioneers, but he is also a certified sommelier and also an acclaimed spirits & wine appraiser.

Although DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers provides a basic final edit and formatting service included in our Charity Auction Services Package, we do not write our client’s charity auction catalogs unless we are contracted to do so. If you desire to utilize our Charity Auction Catalog service, then please plan on contracting with DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers early on so that adequate time is allocated to effectively complete this often arduous task. Once the final draft of the charity auction catalog is completed and delivered to the client. The organization then oversees the final graphic design process involved in selecting font types, color selection, and design layout before the charity auction catalog goes to print. Please visit our Event Planner Resources page for more helpful information about planning your special event fundraiser.