Tom DiNardo Quoted in The New York Times

December 8th, 2020

Charity Auctioneer and Wine Appraiser Tom DiNardo quoted in New York Times

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Tom DiNardo

Fundraising Auctioneer guru Tom DiNardo appears on television occasionally and is quoted in the New York Times from time to time. Tom DiNardo is one of the many fundraising auctioneers who comprises DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers charity auctions service. Charity auctioneer DiNardo was first quoted by The New York Times in 2011. The article appeared in the Business Day, Special Section: Wealth. Tom DiNardo said,”The article For Charity, Bidding for Access to Stars – Even a Hug was a real boost to our company and also personally to my morale as the nation was deep in the throws of The Recession. The recession had definitely impacted my business, but thankfully our nonprofit fundraising clients were still benefiting from our services”. Since that time Tom has been quoted in the New York Times not only as one of the nation’s leading benefit auctioneers and fundraising auctioneers, but also as wine appraiser, wine expert, counterfeit wine identification specialist, and sommelier (wine expert). His charity auctioneer career has spanned nearly three decades.

Over the years Tom DiNardo, founder of DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers, has been mentioned in various media outlets.  “I believe the first time I was quoted in the media was in 2005. That’s when our company began receiving national notice and attention was being paid to what we were doing” states DiNardo. Since that time Tom has provided quotes for various newspapers and magazines, as well as providing interviews for television and radio programs. As a charity auctions expert, he has also contributed to many news articles as well.

The first time DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers was asked to appear on television was in 2008 on S2 E5 of the TLC Wrecks To Riches program. “I appeared with Barry White who is the owner of Barrys Speed Shop on the Wrecks to Riches televison program. This was just before the reality of economic collapse had hit, and people will still spending crazy money at charity auctions”. Regarding his television appearances Tom quipped, “You realize that’s it isn’t real, highly choreographed and staged, and the outcome is predetermined.”

Tom DiNardo New York Times experiences have always been good. “On the record, all of my print media interview experiences have been good” says DiNardo. Tom does not control the content of the print articles, but he’s confident that what is printed is truthful and reflects accurate news.