LOVE – A Treatise on Ending Racism.

June 22nd, 2015

The nation will be recovering and grieving for some time to come in attempting to comprehend why the senseless violence, terrorism, and killing of nine people took place in Charleston, South Carolina at the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME).

The motive of the young gunman appears to be pure hatred born out of total ignorance. If racists and bigots truly understood what they fear (i.e. acceptance, inclusion, community, and love), then they might become liberated from their very own slavery. Yes, I use the word “slavery” herein, because it is not the African American people of Charleston that are being taught a vicious lesson by these misguided and hateful racists. Instead, it is the white supremacists who are chaining themselves to their very own ignorance. Hatred is truly a form of slavery. Hatred abolishes the very presence of love. Hatred keeps the individuals in bonded servitude to their very own misguided beliefs, prejudice, and baseless rejection of others.

Love begins with lessons to our children.
Love begins with lessons to our children.

The good people of Charleston’s AME Church understand this. As a testament to their courage, they are endeavoring to forgive and continue to love their brothers and sisters of all colors during this time of mourning.

Do racists and or white supremacists not understand the blatant science and facts surrounding our species known as Homo sapiens? Science has proven that our ancestors began to exist approximately 200,000 years ago. Modern man began to move to more temperate climates 80,000 to 60,000 years ago. Dr. Louis Leaky proved that the cradle of modern man was the Oduvai Gorge in Tanzania, Africa. That’s right Africa! As an evolved species, now known as “modern man”, are we not African by the very nature of our original ancestral roots?

Biologists have postulated and theorized that within several hundred thousand years our species (i.e. modern man) will evolve to become a being that is far shorter in stature, darker complected, bearing an Asiatic eye fold, having virtually no hair, and eventually losing our small toe – a vestigial appendage. How and why will this evolutionary change occur? The answer is simple genetics. Science has already proven that the “black skin gene” is a dominant gene, and the “white skin gene” is a recessive gene. Whether racists will cop to this factual truth, or not, eventually our species will be black by today’s societal definitions.

If racists and white supremacists had even a clue, then they might realize that most African Americans also share in their own European ancestry. So why do racists continue killing our, as well as their, brothers and sisters?

History repeats itself again and again. Why? Who actually knows? While I am not very religious, I do believe in an all loving God. God gave us free will, like it or not. For every victim, there will always be a perpetrator. In other words, God allows these horrific events of significant impact to happen to humanity as a series of ongoing reminders for humanity to WAKE UP AND LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES.

These kinds of horrific events have happened around the world for countless centuries,

and yet we (the species Homo sapiens) never appear to learn from our mistakes. Native Americans were senselessly massacred for the sake of American progress. Then there is sad chapter of black slavery in America. The Jews were chased out of Egypt, and then again they faced the atrocities of the Holocaust. Hindus and Moslems have fought violent wars. China has killed thousands of Tibetan Buddhists. Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu killed thousands of Romanians. Saddam Hussein gassed and killed the Kurds in the 1980’s. Muammar Gaddafi killed thousands of his countrymen. The war in Syria continues unchecked. Maybe someday when we finally WAKE UP, then we will have learned from our mistakes and indeed God will be well-pleased with his creation – his children.

The catch phrase we see in the media quite often today is “Black lives matter”. I would take it a step further. ALL LIVES MATTER.

Looking at color from the artist’s perspective, the color black is the inclusion and mixing of all known colors. Most non-artists don’t understand that the color white is factually the absence of all color. How boring would that be? Imagine a world devoid of all color.

Racism is a process of exclusivity and not inclusivity. What is “inclusivity”, besides a practice each one of us should be doing on a daily basis? “Inclusivity” is a process of including all people – everyone. It’s no longer a process of us and them, but truly it is ultimately a process that is born out of love. “Inclusivity”, as I said at the beginning, is a process of acceptance, inclusion, community, and love.

The path to love is fairly simple. It begins with you. What we hate in others, as the old cliché phrase goes, we hate in ourselves. To love others is to love ourselves. The journey of love for the vast majority of us, is a tough road because it begins with a deep, honest, look into ourselves and our learned fears. When we embody love and also demonstrate this love then there can only be acceptance, inclusion, and community. Racism cannot and would not exist in the presence of love. At the heart of everything is love.

Maybe this is the lesson that God truly wants us to learn? I know it’s hard to look at love in the middle of such a travesty, but we must.

In my nearly 50 years of living, I have never had any negative experiences with black people ever. This is also true of my Peace Corps experiences in the Caribbean. Anytime I ever had any feelings to the contrary, it was my fear only that was attempting to lead me away from the truth – LOVE. Why do we (both Black and White) judge race, because we are afraid to look at ourselves. Love is the bridge that we must cross if we are going to be expected to heal the racial divide that still, unfortunately, exists in this great country.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was correct when he said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Let us now open our minds, hearts, and souls to that which is truly the maker of miracles and healing – LOVE. Love conquers all. The Christ’s two commandments are their own great revelation. “Love God with all your soul and mind” and “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. Self-love is not narcissistic, but instead it is the beginning of the end of racism. Love is the beginning of healing, and lastly it is a process of self-transformation and a practice of total inclusivity.