Benefit Auction Information

Benefit Auction Information

Benefit Auctioneers Give Advice to Prepare Your Benefit Auctions.

Benefit auctioneers, fundraising consultants, event planners and party planners are always looking for new fundraising ideas in better preparing for their benefit auctions. DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers provides the fundraising help you need in overcoming those unforeseen obstacles and challenges that can possibly impair your benefit auctions potential success. Some of these challenges are represented in the following common committee misperceptions and or attitudes. (1) “We know how to organize and run a charity auction event and fundraiser.” (2) “Our staff knows all about fundraising auctions.” (3) “We know about Donation Procurement.” (4) “We know how to design and run a Silent Auction & Raffle. Don’t worry. Our benefit auctioneers will help you through the process.

Has your fundraiser event ever been professionally evaluated by charity auctioneer or fundraising consultant? Have you found any flaws in your fundraising event besides your obvious successes? Have you considered taking your fundraiser to the next level? Are you open to new and innovative fundraising ideas? Is your organization looking to increase its revenue and overall profit? We strongly recommend that your organization makes an investment in our Fundraising Consultants Services, or that you take advantage of one or more of our available seminars and training clinics. These services provide your organization and your committees with invaluable tools and terrific fundraising help necessary for effective event planning, insuring the creation of an outstanding event and fundraiser. The return on your investment is priceless. Your committee will learn how to implement the tools and skills needed to build an ongoing, self-sustaining, and financially successful fundraising event for years to come. This is why DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers is considered an investment and not an expense.

Benefit Auctions Online

Developing an online charity auction presence, creating maximum visibility for your fundraiser event and providing your attendees with easier options is your key to insuring a successful benefit auction and fundraising event. Imagine having the ability to: (1) Sell event tickets online, (2) Post an online charity auction catalog and (3) Conduct an online silent auction, or even an internet simulcast live auction. (4) Have you thought about automating your fundraising auction payment processing before the benefit auctioneer begins? These online options would prove to be invaluable in freeing up you and your staff’s precious time to pursue other equally important tasks. Think of the money that you will save! We now provide these services for our clients.

Charity Auctions Software

Currently, there are over twenty charity auction software programs available to those non-profit organizations that may have need of such software. Typically these programs are marketed directly to charity auctioneers and fundraising consultants, but this trend is changing. We are very familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of most of the benefit auction software programs being used in the benefit auction industry today. Some fundraising auction software programs have many more features than you will have need of or ever use, while others simply do not offer enough. Some of these software companies offer great support to fundraising auctioneers and nonprofit organizations and others do not have any support available when you need it most! Most importantly, some programs work fine, while others crash continuously.

What fundraising auction software program is best for you? How do you really know which one to choose? DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers will guide you through the tough decision in choosing which charity auction software program will be best suited to your organization’s individual benefit auction needs. Talk with us first before you commit to purchasing an auction software program from one of these companies. You may not need any software program at all!

Benefit Auction Staffing

Do you currently have a well trained Live Auction Support Staff? If not, DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers will provide all of the required benefit auctioneer, event planning and fundraising consultant services your organization needs to run a successful benefit auction. From the Ring Men (Bid Spotters), Clerk, Runners, Data Entry Personnel, to the Cashiers, we provide you and your organization with the nation’s best fundraising consultant services in building an outstanding event and fundraiser.

Benefit Auctioneer Fundraising Links

Please be sure to visit our Benefit Auctioneer Fundraising Links web page for other event planning and fundraising ideas. DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers provides a wealth of information to party planners and event planners about our charity auction and wine education partners including other favorite web sites.