Sommelier, Wine Education and Wine Consultant Services

DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers now offers sommelier, wine education and wine consultant services. Sommeliers are professional wine educators who possess in depth knowledge and expertise about wine and oenology (i.e. wine appreciation and wine collecting). Sommeliers are also involved in areas such as wine education, wine consultant services, wine storage, wine appraisal, wine cellar management, proper wine service, hospitality service, wine and food pairings, viticulture, and enology.

Tom DiNardo is an fundraising auctioneer and sommelier diplomate with the International Sommeliers Guild and a member of the Society of Wine Educators. Tom previously worked in the wine industry in both California and Washington, and he is the only fundraising auctioneer currently in the United States who has earned his sommelier diplomate credential. He is a freelance writer for Wine Enthusiast, Decanter, and Sante magazines and a full time contributor to Wine Mr. DiNardo is also a contract auctioneer for ERI wine auction gallery in Chicago, where he has attained five world records to his credit for the price of wine achieved in live auction. Tom DiNardo is a registered master appraiser who specializes in wine appraisal.

Mr. DiNardo has provided wine consultant and wine education services to wine industry professionals, businesses, wine and spirits distributors, private individuals, insurance companies, and non-profit organizations alike. Tom has sat on expert wine panels as an educator he has been a judge at wine competitions, lead large groups through organized wine tastings, and conducted certified wine appraisals for insurance and legal purposes. If your organization is seeking to create a stellar wine event, wine festival, wine tasting, or charity wine auction, then you will want to secure the adept sommelier, wine education and wine consultant services offered by Tom DiNardo.

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